The Heroes

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A human Ranger from Malton. Slag's alter ego.

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Halfling Bard. Currently traversing the Entropotar.

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Mage from the city of Rost.

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Cleric rescued from the thrall of the Book. Former captain of the Crimson Key. She is a sensualist and enjoys doing whatever makes her feel good or improves her quality of life. Circumstances may have dragged her into the party, but she has come to see them as her new crew. While Naki is generally pretty

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Half-Orc Barbarian from Malton. Currently timeshares his body with Daphne

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With a Y, and sexy AF. A warrior from Vzion trapped in Time's Tower for 1,000 years.

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An alternate version of Tam pulled to this timeline by the Entropotar. She comes from a reality in which the book has taken over and she wants to ensure, by any means necessary, that it never happens again

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A half-elven Rogue from the city of Rost.

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Human Priest of Sioul from Canteel. Gave his life to free the party from Time's Tower.

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Paladin of Sioul. Of noble Canteelian blood.

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The Rest of the Rabble


Law of Malton -- whereabouts unknown.


Kira's mentor from Rost -- had memory wiped. Doesn't recognize her. Something was stolen from him.


Daphne’s brother and Helene’s son. Whereabouts unknown


Old man, local bone doctor. Gave life in huge spell on the ocean.


Mother of Daphne -- died in the Time’s Tower by lava.


Slag’s mentor that was slain


Drunken tiki bar owner -- died escaping the Crimson Key.


Daughter of Helene. Captured by slavers, lost her waterbody saving Slag, and is now Sharing his body. Her actual body was taken over by Alandra and killed.


Slag’s friend that was a wereboar. He betrayed the party. Timao sensed his evil and destroyed him.


Thalen and Plisara’s daughter -- later Grancelot and Kira’s


A mysterious woman who collected “Owes” Later suplanted by Grancelot. Wife of Vorbane in Time's Tower. On the quest for the the time of the Raven.


a hapless victim that the heroes rescued from the blood tree.


Artist Ogre that wanted his captives to gaze upon his blood paintings.


A Brigand.


A shipmate in league with Lady Alandra. Poisoned the party’s food so that they could be taken captive as a trade for their freedom from the Crimson Key.


Brigand leader


Also from the Canteelian boat as Miles's Lieutenant, is later turned into a Flying monkey. Partner to Baxter and semi-ally to the party

Lady Alandra

Royalty from Canteel, but fell from grace for marrying Miles who was beneath her station. Caused no end of trouble for the party until slain and now makes cameos representing the book.


Cabin boy from the Canteelian boat. Later transformed into a goblin and killed at Time’s Tower Island by the book. Book used head to activate the chords in the top floor of the tower.


Old woman from the boat. Later stuck in a dog’s body and killed.


First Mate of the ill fated Canteelian boat found as captive, soon to be a mining slave. Husband to Lady Alandra. Beheaded at Time’s arrow Island.


Insane woman from the Canteelian whose water body was almost gone when Slag and Jin met her.

The Harpies

a bonded pair of harpies, just starting out in the world with their first nest. They and their young are slain (crushed, tossed) by the party.

Water Elemental

An immense being that controlled the miner slaves by replacing their heart water with the essence of itself. Also cursed to guard the Raven’s eyes. Captured, then later released by the party at the top of the Time's Tower. It has both Raven eyes, and it's whereabouts are unknown.


A captive Gnome that has been a slave of the Crimson Key for an undisclosed period of time. Is killed in Time’s Arrow Tower after gaining Jin’s semi-unrequited love. He loved sandwiches, and had a knack for physics.


Crimson Key’s resident mage, only survivor of the crew from the Crimson Key that made it to the island.


Malevlolent book that seemingly contains a world of tentacles and ash within. Possessed the Crimson Key for a millenium scouring the ocean for the hidden island that housed the Entropotar. Absorbed Alandra, Lago, Kumi, Miles, the Crimson Key, a Kracken, Baxter, Jin, Tamara, Stryker... along with a host of other captives and sea creatures. Whereabouts unknown, it's search for the Entropotar unrelenting.

Queen Naki

Joined the party, but was originally the Captian of the Crimson Key. Doesn't remember much from the millenium spent under it's thrall.


Timao’s faithful hippocampi


A bronze dragon who was brought as an egg to the tower by Vorbane. Hatched and lived atop the tower while masquerading as Lord Utz in Callidac. Met Holmes when the monkey flew above to scout the tower. Is slowing the aging of Holmes. Later fought the book and emerged different.


A device shielded from the world of Tangelico in Time's Tower. Was the conduit that Plisara/Grancelot used to plague the party. Released a chitonous butterfly after a certain amount of keys were struck in the tower. Used by Hamish Solorne to rewrite the history of Callidac, replacing himself with Tolomin and as a consequence the baby Prince Kaylan with Ahsa. Jin is currently consumed within it as it rests shielded again from the world in Blue Ice Mountain.


Son of Vorbane -- originally sacrificed by his father to allow his mother Plisara entrance to the top floor of the tower. In the altered version, his mother is killed and he is the one to ascend to the next floor. Fathered Grancea with Kira after trapping her in the tower. They spend 5 years together.


An own from a primordial time ruled by spiders, bonds with Kira and becomes her familiar. Is very quiet.

Vorbane Lockburne

Ruler of the lost nation of Thir that was trapped in Time’s tower. Had to relive the moment of killing his wife/son over and over again. History remembered him as great warlord. He brought Stryker and the other troops from Vzion to conquer the tower and gain it’s secrets.

Aldleman Callidace

Mira's Grandfather. Wealthy noble.


Timao's trusty hippocampi. Waiting with his herd off the coast of the city.


Princess of Callidac and King Hamish's only child. Is currently in a construct carapace and can only speak in "tion"'s Remains at Blue Ice Mountain under the care of the ghost Tolomin.


Bronze dragon that fought the book, but did not return unscathed. Partnered with Holmes. Posed as Lord Utz on the Council of Nine. Is currently frozen in blue ice on the mountain.


A member of Ander's herd of hippocampi


Sole surviving guard from Blue Ice Mountian. Currently has pledged himself to the service of Pontiff Felix


Council of Nine member. Very popular and was the crowd's pick to be the prince/princess's protector. Killed by Pontif Felix as he was controlled by Mama.


Council of Nine member. Leader of the Marlins (followers of the nature god Tak)

Gularak the Shadow

Council of Nine member. Gained seat by infiltrating the council's dreams. Ghost of Hamish Solorne, later rewritten by the Entropotar to be the ghost of Tolomin.


Timao's half sister born by his father and Lady Alandra's sister. Is currently in Canteel and has son Wilhelm IV

Hamish Solorne

Was first the Gularak, later rewritten to be the King of Callidac. Daughter is the princess Asha.f


a wiley rogue that travelled with the party to Blue Ice Mountain. Is currently bilking the party of 15k gold or threatens to tell Papa who killed Mama.


A member of Ander's herd of hippocampi


Castle Whitespire guard killed on the Ice Mountain mission.


Prince baby in the first rendition of the timeline. In the new verion died of the plague causing Tolomin to seek vengeance.


Castle Whitespire guard killed on the Ice Mountain mission.

Lord Utz

Council of Nine member and alterego of Baxter. Posed as a merchant that was often out of the city. Supposedly a neutral protector for the child.


Leader of the Shelled Dendrites. Killed by Tamsen during the Mongrel Star Massacre.


A follower of Tak, all worshippers are called Marlin, so his true name is unknown or forgotten.

Mira Callidace

Noble debutante that has aspirations to be the queen with Timao's help.

Mot the Construct

Council of Nine member. Overlord of the all the constructs. Was tasked with protecting the regent, but took it too far.

Myron Brittleborne

Proprietor of Brittleborne's Baubles. Has a dour nature.


Council of Nine member. Crushed by Mot the Construct during the massacre. Was the nursemaid to the child and rumored to be a Matrimond


New leader of the Shelled Dendrites


Military head of Castle Whitespire. Is keeping order anyway that she can. Currently has tasked the party to discover who has been murdering the Marlins.

Pontif Felix

Council of Nine member. Though after killing Dandane is likely not to hold that position. Is currently trying to minister to the wounded at the Temple of Abralt.


Princess betrothed to Wilhlem IV to forge an alliance with Canteel, but died of the plauge. Oddly enough sister to both Asha and Kaylan during both timelines.


Castle Whitespire guard killed on the Ice Mountain mission.


A blackiron-clad leader of a thugs that tried to capture Stryker.

Thane of Gormund

Councile of Nine member. Dwarf noble leading the Gormund Dwarves of Blue Ice Mountain, actual name is unknown. Currently amassing troops outside the city and will attack shortly.


Hired help at The New Noble highend shop that has just burnt to the ground.

Wilhem IV

Timao's half-nephew and is in succession for the Canteelian throne.


Castle Whitespire guard killed on the Ice Mountain mission.

Session Summaries

Session 1 - ?/14

Trouble in Tikitown

Kira, Slag, Jin, Thalen, Tam, and Timao all meet in Malton at the Tiki bar in Malton, a rural backwater town on the tropical continent of Ludlum. Kira, a blue-eyed raven haired human, and Tam, a silent half-elven man are both denizens of Rost that have traveled to Malton each for their own reasons, but both were keenly unaware of the rampant slavery that kept their city beautiful. Thalen, the reverent priest and Timao, the young holy warrior, are the sole survivors of the wreck of a royal vessel from Canteel . The ship was on a diplomatic mission aimed to curtail the slavery of the aforementioned beautiful city of Rost. Jin, the diminutive minstrel, is also from Canteel, but her arrival in Malton was much more mysterious and sudden. Slag, the abrupt and literal half-orc, lives in Malton. His mentor Kaldar was recently slain and he is looking for payback.
The party bands together at Yahno’s tiki tavern to slay a brigand named Yet and learn that the Brigands, led by Hanno, are camped deep in the jungle. But there is this pesky hemorrhaging from the blood cough that is keeping Jin from looking that far ahead….

Session 2 - 10/24/14

Boar'd Now

The group collects their thoughts as they take a closer look at the town of Malton for possible allies and supplies. Tam, at the Tiki bar encounters Helene. She reveals that all her children save one have been abducted by the outlaws to mine the Rostan crystal including her daughter Daphne. She gives Tam a pendant that Daphne will recognize. She is willing to do anything, and she means anything, to leave with the party when they put the town to the torch in 3 days time. The rest of the group seek out the local bone doctor for a cure to Jin’s ailment, only to discover a frail old man Gravin, who's temple had recently been ransacked and all his ointments, salves and healing incense taken by the Brigands. He gives Jin a 3 day lease on life and entreats the group to speak to Alberic, who passes for the law of the town. After a heated discussion Alberic outfits the crew with supplies and sends them North to the outlaws and Jin’s cure. Shortly into the woods, two ruffians attack them, but are quickly slain by the party. Slarg recognizes his friend Edgrel as helping the enemy and after dispatching Edgral’s boar, they take him captive. They interrogate him and force him to lead them to his home so they can ambush the brigands, but Edgrel betrays the group and is slain by Timao, who views him beyond redemption. The companions find a fully stocked boat moored outside the abandoned mold abode and rest for the night. At dusk they witness the horrible horde of mosquitoes as thick as birds pelt the safety of their boat and pray for dawn.

Session 3 - 11/14/14

Welcome to the Jungle

And dawn comes at the break of a sweltering day. The travelers provision the boat and secure it for later if the need comes. Heading North-ish they stumble across an ogre who desperately wants the companions to pray at his blood shrine “See you”. After defeating him and witnessing his standing stone art with it's captive audience, the group continues on, and on, and on. The sun traipses across the sky as they trudge through the jungle to the dusk of the day, the time of the mosquitoes. The group tries to hide in a tree stump for cover, but the insect monstrosities are ferocious. Thalen, Slag, and Timao all fall to the winged menace and hope looks to be lost. Tam and Jin notice a peculiar woman fritzy hair woman who, witnessing their plight, decides to step in with an agenda of her own. Securing three “owes” from Jin, she brings back the comrades from the brink of death and vanishes. The sun sets on the second day.
In the morning the group climbs a tree and discovers smoke to the far North. They estimate they can reach it's source by the evening. They soldier on through the bogs, muck and misery only to spill out onto a clearing with an immense gnarled tree seated at the center. Secured in it's branches, the bar matron's daughter and several others are being fed upon by the parasitic branches. The group spots two brigands who have come to feed the tree with an irrigation of blood at the roots. Fed, the branches release their prey and a fight ensues. The wooden aberration is torched with well aimed arrows by Timao while the brigands are dispatched by Slag. The heroes manage to save two victims, Daphne, and an unknown man (Sedril) before the tree is engulfed in flames. Weary and wounded, the friends know that they must continue north, time grows short for Jin as the lengthening of the shadows grow ever longer.

Session 4 - 1/?/15

Stop Harping on me!

Shortly after the tree, Thelon, tasked with caring for his slumbering charges Daphne and Sedril, is accosted by a the sudden appearance of Plisara, old, haggard and fritzy as ever. With an ominous “Time for owe. Five years” while revealing three of Jin's owe scars on her forearm that fade away, she and the bewildered cleric vanish. Moments later, roving Bugbears, hungering for pink meat attack the party. The party fights hard with sling, arrow, spell and sword, and even a rock or two from Sedril. Timao, beaten down by their bludgeoning blows fires a final arrow then slips into death's embrace. The group kills two, but the remaining Bugbear fells the mighty Slag but yet is in return taken down by Daphne's poison blowdart as she utters “Idiots”. The friends begin to search the cave that their enemy originated.
Yet, before the companions can even assess their success the last rays of the setting sun vanish and the mosquitoes time has come. From a wave of reverberating wings and greedy proboscises they unfurl their hunger. Hastily and arguably poorly, the party buries themselves in the muck in front of the cave to avoid detection only to have Jin, Slag, and Timao each pierced and siphoned of blood. Yet it is only Slag who is left with the departing gift of new life. Lots of it. The bloodthirsty swarm evaporates in the gathering darkness and the friends race to remove the larva from the half-orc. Daphne yet again pulls her weight as she wrenches his abdomen free of the white worms as the others explore the Bugbear den. Securing a blue vial and four mysterious rocks, they find nothing more.
Despondent and desperate for hope, the group is approached yet again by Plisara, only this time markedly younger and holding the hand of a little girl. She asks if the group has seen the Raven and by reading their blank expressions deduces no. Extracting four owes from Jin, she revives Timao and Slag. Plisara cautions the diminutive bard to never reach five owes, smiles, then departs with her young ward.
The evening trudges on as the group, well beyond their reserves, finally reaches the bandit camp. Secured in an ancient temple at the top of a hill surrounded by a raging river with only one bridge as egress, the brigands are well protected. Tam, ever the stealthy starts to traverse the bridge but is beguiled by a beautiful song that entices him to swim. In fact everyone save Timao and Jin are enthralled by the harpies tune and take a dive into the drink. Jin tries to block the unholy melody from her companions' minds but her muse fails her. The nursing harpies collect their victims, save Daphne who rushes past their grasp, and drop them into their family nest. Tam, Kira, and Sedril are the first to arrive and fight off the ravenous harpy babies. Kira and Sedril are killed outright while Tam is brought to the brink of death. With Slag's arrival, the proverbial bow breaks and all the babies fall, or are forcibly evicted with crushed skulls. Kira, slipping from her mortal meat, makes an ethereal deal with Plisara at the rate of four owes. She wrests to life and follows Slag who is seeking out the others.
Meanwhile Timao and Jin, having made it over the bridge are battling at the brigand's front door. Through a volley of lances and daring assaults they have managed to set the top floor of the temple on fire. Jin takes a brutal blow and falls right before Slag and Kira appear. The group takes a collective breath in the burning glow of the fiery temple before they rush to action.

Session 5 - 2/20/15

Ferreting out morality

At the Harpy nest, a barely conscious Tam witnesses Thalen's sudden return with Plisara. Only now Plisara is markedly younger, Thalen noticeably older, and they have a little girl named Grancea that is a product of the two. Plisara inquires again about the raven saying “If you see the Raven, I want it. I've consulted all the charts, now is the time for it's arrival” then tell the girl to say goodbye to her father. Thalen, disoriented and befuddled from his journey has enough presence of mind to grasp Grancea's hand before Plisara vanishes with her. Grancea is clearly attached to Thalen, but his memory of their time together is rapidly fading with surprising ease. Thalen revives Tam and the three join their companions to assault the iron door entrance. Thalen is immediately crushed by boulders dropped from above, and left outside. The others, only through brute force, push a crack open in the door while evading the barrage from above. Jin slips through and is immediately gutted by a blade in the dark, Timao and Slag quickly follow and kill the brigand only to see two others shut the door at the top of the stairs. While Tam picks the upper lock, the fading Jin is visited by Plisara in the hereafter and strikes a deal. Though Thalen heals himself physically and escapes from under the boulder, he is emotionally scarred moments later by witnessing Jin shoving Grancea over the embankment and into the ravenous river below. Jin, with quicksilver tongue defends her actions with different versions of Grancea's future, and somewhat mollifies Thalen. The two then rejoin the heroes in the stairwell. Tam successfully picks the upper lock, not getting stabbed by a poison needle, and while debating what to do, the door swings open and the beleaguered adventurers are attacked by the seemingly never ending brigands. The group dispatches their foes then explores the upper reaches of the temple, finding only charred remains of the night's impromptu bonfire and yet another staircase leading down. Thalen, despondent and reckless with grief, descends and indiscriminately kicks in doors leading to confrontation with a giant ferret and it's owner. After Jin and Timao debate the ethics of animal slaying, the party reaches Hanno's quarters and unleash three days of pent up frustration and rage into his body. He is obliterated, and the friends search his room for loot finding (small silver dagger, 1,000, leather armor +1, 2 tiger eye gems. 24 slingshot bolts) They still they haven't unearthed the priest Gravin's blood cough curatives and meager grains of sand remain in Jin's hourglass. Maybe the next door?

Session 6 - 3/14/15

Heart of Lightness

The party races through the last few corridors of the temple as Jin's body slowly goes numb. She debates drinking a mysterious potion found in Hanno's quarters, but holds off. Tam searches a mysterious door when the ceiling unexpectedly rotates and pushes the party en masse into a long room full of treasures, a ghoul, a strange device on the wall, and most importantly Gravin's healing supplies from Malton. The immense clock device counts down as a globe of sun-like light grows brighter and traverses the wall. Tam busies himself trying to disarm it as the others engage the ghoul. Thalen commandeers a mirror and tries to ray the unholy creature with light but has a hard time aiming. Kira launches her ever trustworthy missiles as Slag locks it in combat. Timao, reasoning that the undead filth fears light, tosses a torch at it, but unfortunately the treasures about them ignite. Slag is slain by the walking corpse and Kira soon follows as their bodies are consumed by the flames in the enclosed room. Jin feeling the final numbness suffusing her body drinks her mysterious potion, and discovers that it is a fatal poison. Tam rushes to the exit with Timao and Thalen, but the inferno immolates them all.
Time passes. How much the seemingly dead party does not know, but they each awaken in the room shaking off their own ashes, as vital and whole as the day they were born. Torching such a concentration of medicinals had miraculously turned the confined space into hotbox of healing. A shaken but stronger part emerges from the treasure room like a collective Phoenix and continues on. They soon discover a room with two chained humans in it, both crewmen from Timao and Thalen's ill fated diplomatic vessel. Revealing their names as Miles (the first Mate) and Lago (the cabin boy), they join the group in the search of their fellow thirteen survivors and possibly a way off the godsforsaken Island. Descending further below the remote temple the group discovers an immense stockpile of Roostan crystals that would fund an empire. Among the riches are manifests that reveal that the current shipment would be shipped out in a few days time. They leave the glittering treasure built on the backs of slave blood behind and stumble onto a pile of desiccated husks strewn before two immense pools of water. Stretching 80 feet before them and sinking to an unknown depth, the bodies of water contain, staring at them, two gigantic black orbs each on each side. Tam tries to cross the narrow division between them but only wakens the liquid denizen of the pools. Towering over them all the impossibly huge water elemental is relieved to know that Hanno is dead but demands that the party find his missing essence. What that means the companions are not sure, but it is clear that the entity controls all the slaves in the mine.

Session 7a - 5/2/15

It's Elemental, Dear Watson.

And the party splits – Jin and Slaag are siphoned from their bodies, travel down, dripping into a soul soup in held in a cavernous pool (that Tam later sees from above), where the floating bodies fill husks of bodies that mindlessly struggle to battle. They meet Sil, Ardon, Holme, and Daphne who had also fallen victim to the elemental from above. Jin and Slag fight the attacking wayward water spirits but decide to escape down a runoff, leaving the others behind. They drain down to the Grindylow village where it is filled with milling octopus like goblins. Slag takes a beating but a recently arriving altruistic Daphne sacrifices her water form and fuses it with to Slag to keep the half Orc alive. Slag intimidates the tentacled pests and he and Jin escape by rushing down the tributary.. They spill out to a waterfall that crashes into the vast ocean. There they witness hippocampi grazing on the kelp off the coast being ambushed and eaten by an unseen predator. They swim back to the beach, and discover a new water man Wendt who happens to be a healer with a neurotic disposition. Slag explores the cliff face after they see a boat off the coast and returns to Jin being held hostage by Wendt. Jin fuses with Slag and Slag dispatches Wendt. Two more water forms slip out from the waterfall crevasse, Lady Alandra Mile's wife and her senile maid Mazon. While getting to know the haughty artistocrat Slag discovers that all the crew defer to her and also that a boat is cresting the horizon.
The others witness Slag and Jin being held as collateral, rush upstairs to free the Water Elemental's heart water. Fight three ferrets, two of which had roid raged out on the dripping heart water. They end the creatures, one almost crushing Lago as Miles snaps the neck of the last. The group races back down return the heart water and the Elemental reveals that it had been sequestered to the two pools long before Hanno and his bandits, millennia ago to guard the black bird's eyes. Now that it had it's heart water it was free to leave. The rapidly blinking eyes quickly shrink as the water drains and Timao detects that that they are very evil. The tuck away the peepers and fight off possessed Jin and Slag literally beating the bad water out of them. Tam scouts ahead through a very narrow tunnel and discovers they are hundreds of feet above a pool of water filled with writhing bags of skin that bubble up like a vat of boiling pudding. The party rests for the night at the now empty pools while deciding where to go. They travel hours down winding tunnels and dripping stalactites and mites battling it out to reach their respective opposites. They reach the Grindylow village and debate battling them, starting a fire, or creating a distraction with the Roostan Crystals that they seem to admire greatly. They decide to retreat and try the next tunnel where there is clanging coming from. There they duke it out with a suppurating Daphne husk and pop her. They collect her body and enter a room full of crystals and a chute. A great booming crashes against the granite walls and they wait.

Session 7b - 5/9/15

Bags of Mostly Water

The inner group decides to spin their luck at the wheel while searching the crystal depot. The chute opens up and Tam scales the chute to see the sun setting over the horizon and the boat below with a catapult of sorts being shot at the wall. A woman far below shouts “Bring out down the shipment!” Meanwhile slag having scaled the wall after securing his water people tribe at the waterfall, gains access to the Crystal hoard room startling everyone. They lay out his husk and his water body fills it, but he doesn't feel as comfortable as he used to in his own skin. The others see a briefly glimpse the visages of Daphne and Jin before Slag is whole. The Grindylow summoned by the catapult booms raid the roostan room. Kira and their shaman duke it out for magical supremacy while Timao and Tam beat at them with wrathful righteousness and furiously flying arrows. Thalen and Slag obey the demand of the woman below and start chucking crystals, yet flying monkeys (yes folks, flying monkeys) attack Slag as they try and close the chute. The wheel slips and Slag falls to his certain doom while the group closes the chute as the mosquitoes arrive for their nightly feast. Tam quickly gathers the ejected ink from a vanquished Grindylow and the others lick their wounds. Outside Slag's water defends itself and rips out of his body to form a parachute that ungainly lands on the beach. All the boat invader have ran back to the ship and have battened down the hatches. His water friends are missing and Jin is singing from inside him.

Session 8 - 7/17/15

Grindyloo Goo.

Slag, Alandra, Mazon, Holme, and Ardon climb the wall. Alandra aligns with Miles, and they want to save the soul soup. The group hang out in the cave, the Grindylow swarm and the party fights the insurmountable numbers back while they debate what to do. Meanwhile Miles, Alandra, Alandra shoves Lago and Tam shoves Alandra. Slag dives after Alandra. Slag opens the chute and jumps out. Jin jumps after him to save him. Tam pushes Alandra off the edge after overhearing her true nature. Jin and Alandra Fuse on the way to the ground. The three survive the fall. While Miles, Lago, and the others climb out and fight the clambering Grindylow. Kira connects the ropes and Tam gets smacked lifeless but tangles in the rope. Grindylow steals bag with the eye and the crystals. The party fights and finally makes it to the ground. Miles, Lago, Alandra+Jin, Mazon, Ardon, Holme. Resting for the night. Swarms of mosquitoes leave them alone.

Session 9 - 9/4/15

Body of Evidence

After a heated argument at nightfall where Alandra, with a willfully surfacing Jin disagreeing, demands that a trial by Three be held to determine Tam's guilt regarding the push. It is clear that Miles will stand by his wife, Holme reluctantly agrees and the others follow suite. Team Tam refuses except for Timao who bows to the knowledge that the law must be followed. He allows a Trial by One, namely him. The party is certainly not united in this decision, but peace between the two groups is restored and a watch for the night is established. The party suddenly awakens on the pirate boat shackled two by two surrounded by the motley crew of survivors of which Thalen and Timao recognize as from their ill fated Canteelian diplomatic vessel, others are town inhabitants and strangers from whereabouts unknown, the most notable being a gnome and halfling who seem to be free of the enthralling vessel. Tam, with quicksilver fingers slips his bounds just as the Commander of the ship the Crimson Key, Queen Naki arrives to inspect the newly enslaved crew members. She is a stunning woman that takes a lascivious liking to Timao. Numbers appear swirling against the wall. Fighting off the the enthrallment and they fight but are blocked by the door. The party fights the ship people who started screaming, alerting the rest of the crew, when Thalen casts a spell . The group uses Molatov cocktail bombs to keep the crew at bay. Tam cuts off the life boat after witnessing Alandra and the others talking to Naki. Others smoke is blocking the baddies from seeing them. The all jump to water including a Gnome “Glenn”. Rescued by Gravin, Helene, Yanno who had commandeered the stockpiled Mold boat
Wow my notes are garbled here. Essentially the party fights Alandra's group. Kills Ardon and Mazon. Alandra snuck in with the party by mergeing with Thalen, then took over Daphne's body husk just as Gravin cast his spell. His spell cemeneted Slag and Jin in their appropriate bodies. Lago in a goblin, Holmes as a Flying Monkey, and Alandara as Daphne.
Alandra – is with Thalen and Ardon and Lago is a goblin. Miles and Holme captive, Miles is a young Man now and Holmes is a Flying Monkey. Gravin is tired and shaking.
Yahno dies
Holmes flew over, to make a deal with the heroes, they had to be bound. Alandra, Naki, Helene
Naki and her crew have been at sea for a very long time
The waterbodied Alandra escapes by merging with Thalen, then takes over the body of Daphne’s skin just as Gravin casts his permanency spell. Gravin cast his last spell to make everyone in their respective bodies permanent. He is consumed in the casting of the spell. Gravin’s spell forces the pirate ship back to normal as well. All evilness goes into a book that Naki and her crew had found floating on a single lifeboat out at sea a 1,000 years ago.

Session 10 - 9/4/15

Miles to Go.

Daphne tried to touch the book, the Raven's eyes were heading toward it as well. Daphne wanted to protect Miles. Alandra was in Daphne and tried to pit the Paladin and Thalen against the party. Party dynamics of what is morally right and wrong come up. Timao protects Miles while Slag/Tam want him dead. Jin and Kira are the swing vote. During the night crabs swarm up the boat and a Kracken attacks. The boat is crashed against the shore and the survivors regroup at the shore. Cast a zone of truth spell and discover Alandra's guise. Kill her and her body is taken by the Kraken as is the dark book. Boat is capsized during infighting and crash on shore. Naki refuses to enter the tower. Slag takes Mile's head off because he says that, within the zone of truth that he will avenge his wife’s death. Holmes flies away upward but is suddenly silent. Says “OH”. Miles mentioned that he has an “Owe” to Plisara.
Little boat, Holm, Yano, Glenn, Daphne, Rammed by the big boat. Obscuring mist. Tam jumped in to to save. Yano was tossed overboard by Slag – Gravin cast big spell. Daphne came back, and the the book was pulled out of the boat. Party wants to kill. Crabs, hippocampi terrified of what is coming from below. Alandra got away. Tied up NCPs. On the boat. The Eye rolls out and goes toward the book. Daphne is odd and reaches for the book. Group casts zone of truth, learn that Daphne is Alandra. Kill her, rescue the npc.
Slag asks Miles if he will kill him. Miles says yes he will try. Slag attacks, initiative follow. Holmes tries to fly away. The others climb the cliff. Jin misses her attempt to free Lago and slits his throat. Thalen heals him and Slag attacks Miles. Holmes flies them over the water. Slag jumps after Miles and falls into water sees water critters fleeing to the island. Slag swims back and hacks at Miles, kills him and grabs Lago. Thalen chases after Naki and Kumi with Helene and Kira. Kira and Tam fall from cliff. Naki tell her tale about the tower. Gyn remembers the tale. As they hide in a crevasse while crabs and sea creatures scramble from the sea as a storm rattles by. Lago attaches to Thalen and asks to never leave him – Thalen calls him Grancea. A hippocampus whinnies in the night.

Session 11 - 12/19/15

Islands in the Scream

Naki tells the tale of the tower. Avoid at all cost no-one has ever come out. But we seem to be trapped here. It was old even before the Crimson Key was taken over. A remote outpost the Kingdom of Thir. No one knows of Thir. Jin knows an old poem that mentions it.
Party needs to sleep and rest up... during the night there is distant lightening and frothy red water crashes on the shore. Dead crabs, fish. Hippocampi, watches Timao from a distance, whinnying.
Naki refuses to go in, citing cursed place. Only the damned find this. Helene and Glenn will follow the party. Lago will stay.
They fought the shocker lizards.
Mile's head is left with Lago, Naki, Kumi. Holmes flew up to scout and vanished. Something large and shadowing on top of the tower.

Glenn came running with crabs for a sandwich. Naki is terrified of the tower, no one has ever come out . Gyn remembers an epic poem that briefly mentions the tower and Vorbane. Jin slit Lago's throat by accident and lost his trust. Lago wants to stay with Kumi. Slaag tosses Mile's head at Timao? (there is mounting tension between these two) Miles body fell into the water.
Shocker Lizards, explode upon death. Party decides to sleep after they are cleared. Out.

Session 12 - 1/29/16 - Beach

Doin' Time in the Tower

The party consisting of Thalen, Timao, Kira, Slaag, Gyn, and Tam accompanied by Glenn and Helene travel deep into the caverns leaving Queen Naki, Lago and Kumi to wait in the cave. Mile’s head is left as a a reminder not to piss off the half orc. Naki is scared of the frothing crimson waters lapping at the island and the panicking sea creatures that are fleeing en masse to the island. All can remember that the immense kraken, the dangerous dark book, the bloody pirate boat, and the insidious Alandra’s body are all out there possibly forming a diabolical alliance under the storming skies. Yet this scares Naki less than entering the tower. She has heard tales of this mythological place. It is rumored that only the chosen or the damned can find it. Naki tells the tale of the tower. Avoid at all cost no-one has ever come out. But we seem to be trapped here. It was old even before the Crimson Key was taken over. A remote outpost the Kingdom of Thir.
The party travels deep until they reach a blank curved stone wall with a wand stuck into the side. Kira magic hands the wand into her possession, yet it is only with a slight shudder of the land that the party sees that a wide crack has formed in the wall that opens into a enormous circular room with a circle of rocks surrounding a black obsidian pool. Strewn about are skeletons and old ancient gear. Shocker lizards attack in the cave and they dispatch them, but they soon discover that when their bodies are tossed into the cave they turn to skeleton or simply vanish.
The party travels deep until they reach a blank curved stone wall with a wand stuck into the side. Kira magic hands the wand into her possession, yet it is only with a slight shudder of the land that the party sees that a wide crack has formed in the wall that opens into a enormous circular room with a circle of rocks surrounding a black obsidian pool. Strewn about are skeletons and old ancient gear. Shocker lizards attack in the cave and they dispatch them, but they soon discover that when their bodies are tossed into the cave they turn to skeleton or simply vanish.
The party eventually enters and investigates. There is a smooth stalactite like structure in the ceiling that emits a single bloody drip at random intervals that displaces the room in time. The group battle through four environments almost simultaneously. Lava world full of sulphurous gas and molten lava that almost kills them in their places. This could be the far future or the far past it is hard to tell, but they can see juts of magma rising up in the rough placement of the standing stones. The next local is a primordial forest filled with ravenous spiders that attack from lattice work of webs. Kira bonds with an errant owl that they rescue from a cocoon. Helene is killed by the spider poison and Thalen very nearly dies as well. They also enter the circular room filled with a party of explorers that they fight valiantly, Slaag barters in vain for peace. All are slain, save one muscular man that didn’t seem to want to join the fracas. Jin recognizes that the group is speaking in ancient Thir language. They jump to a time when the room is filled like a circular music conservatory, but a booming voice lets them know that all the numbered Grancea clones are being release for a battle royale. They dispatch them as quick as possible having to decipher which ones were good or not. They kill each other or are killed by the party. In the center of the conservatory is a circular glass tube that protects the obsidian slate. Kira slashes her palm and magic hands the blood into the container to elicit the last shift in time. None of the Granceas follow them. They are in the blank room with the dead Thiran mercenaries except for the last one, Stryker. But they at least curtail the drip from happening by (they put something under it). They discover by reading the ceiling that “Ye who enter shall be forced of fate by your own hand. Time’s Arrow will point to the singularity” They saw this on the floor and had to decipher it. Up top circling the dripping stalactite is the words “Only the anointed shall see”. They each in turn take a drip of blood from the dripping drop and anoint themselves and put their heads in the standing stone and stare at the obsidian slate. And are pulled through. Each has a prophetic vision of their past or future. Typically the vision is of the events that let them here -- by something that they did.
All save Kira and Thalen, the contraption gives and splashes down on the slate. Shifting them in time to the Thir army with only Stryker standing he joins them rather than die in the past. He explains how he ended up in the tower -- Hired by the men of Thir, very suspicious of any wizardry at this tower.
Vorbane had to commit obscene acts and arcane rituals just to enter the tower. How did you get in? Came here with the Warlord Vorbane, his wife/witch Plisara and their edling Grancelot. This fortress is protected by the deepest of magics. Old Magic. Blood Magic. It has been cursed since the beginning of time. Some say it was the first stone that formed our world.
Kira, Thalen, and Stryker let the drip of blood annoint them and they too are pulled through the standing stones.
They all reach the next floor after seeing a vision while being threaded through the holes in the standing stones, but Tam comes through the standing stone as two versions -- Tamara joins the party. They all reach the next floor after seeing a vision while being threaded through the holes in the standing stones.

Session 13 - 4/28/16

All in the Family

At the next foor which has a dial on the floor and staircase, a dias at the top with an altar. From a bird's eye view it would appear as a clock face with each of the 12 hour markers being a black obsidian column (that later change to scarabs). Huge vaulted ceiling with script at the top. They witness Vorbane live his last day over and over again. He is arguing with Plisara, not present (but the party stands in as her) that it is the only way to reach the top. "You don't understand 'Sara! This is the only way to save our people! Once we win the war, We can go back and fix what we do here, go back and ensure that it never has to happen. Grancet understands don't you dear boy? I know you're scared but it will only be for a short time until your mother and I can fix things. Don't be afraid Abralt will watch over you until our return. You love the Great Mother don't you? Close your eyes...SLIT. 'Sara where are you? Don't leave me".... Loop... Nothing they do can stop the cycle. He never sees them and they can't touch him. Loop and Loop. The Party speaks with Vorbane through a spell which he thinks is the great mother (Abralt). Vorbane is trapped in the forever now reliving the killing of his child Grancelot. Each time he leads the boy to the altar and slits his throat. Afterwards, he is shoved from the platform to his death by his wife Plsara “Sara”. The cycle speeds up each time and he will shove anyone that is in his way.. The circular black columns turn into Scarabs that attack they party and they (scarabs) keep regenerating unless killed by sound or bludgeoning in which case they shatter. The party keeps being attacked and as the blood i s spilt the scarab sup upon it. Tamara notices writing in the domed ceiling far above them and starts to climb a rope to investigate. The collected pool of blood start to form steps but the scarabs keep sucking it up. Someone used a spell to climb out of the pit.

Session 14 - 6/18/16

Aiming the Arrow

Jin, speaking as the great Mother convinces Vorbane to kill his wife Plsara, which he does, but the loop starts again, and the collective memory of Thalen being Grancea’s father is replaced with Kira being Grancea’s mother. The scarabs that aren’t shattered keep reforming. Glenn’s blood starts forming a step that is spooling upwards. Tamara and Tam can’t see each other and are flickering very fast between the two of them. Tamara shoots arrows at Glenn from the rope hoping to sacrifice the gnome. Glenn dies and his blood is slurped up by the scarabs his body turns to a black column like the others. She finally reaches the top and finds the text:
“The arrow must be drawn with a full future or suffer the eternal Now. Linger too long in the echoes and yee will have no lifeblood left to offer ”
Thalen realizes that his vision from the standing stones gave him the key and he commits the ultimate sacrifice and gives his lifeblood (full future) to form the steps upward. Glenn and Thalen’s bodies are carried upward into the final floor of the tower.

Session 15 - 7/16?

Future's Trading

Will need to fill this in further. Key events. The heroes discover Plisara/Grancelot's base of operations which is a room which is surrounded by teeth that have what appear to be branches like nerve fibers. The fibers are filling like a red straw from the blood that has risin up with the blood staircase, activating the nerves (?) The pulsing fibers reaching up to a field of stars as bright, deep and enthralling as the night sky on the ocean. There is a cage that Thalen/Kira was kept in for five years and gave birth to Grancea. Kira/Thalen's memory of this time is muddled, but upon seeing it they remember that Plisara/Grancelot felt the world "Owed" the a child (Grancea). They would go out to collect the owes. A bed and a desk with notes on it -- There is one single drawing of a raven on the desk that says “Can’t see past the raven, will I die? Must stop” The raven will appear and? do what? Need to stop this! Don't touch the keys/teeth especially the incisors. There are eight, there must always be eight. Another group of notes with charts of family trees. All family trees each end on the same name "Grancea". On the desk is a single black feather.
Also in the room is a shattered egg. In center of room is the Entropotar.
Writing is on the floor in an ancient language that luckily Stryker can read “8 lines of fate drawn from the future of one, shall let loose the arrow that pierces the beginning’s end. Everything must pass.” A note in another language make harder to translate and nobody can is enscribed below it.
All hell breaks loose. The eyes escape Tam's bag and start banging on the keys/teeth. Jin recognized the notes that resonate from the key/teeth as they are hit. As this happens Naki rushes in with Miles suddenly appearing behind her black and ichorous with Lago's head. “That boy was far too trusting, but a good sacrifice nonetheless.” “I've searched an eternity to find this place, to find the Entropotar. Meus has been searching the ocean for eons in that damn book” Tentacles burst out of Mile's body he and tosses Lago's head to the other side of the room where it also sprouts tentacles and skuttles toward the keyboard and hits teeth.
As each key is hit the the pulsing nerve branches orginating from that key pull from the sky and connect to the entropotar. The party battles and vanquishes the infected Miles and Lago. Grancelot births out of a branch only to be shocked to death by Kira and her pent up rage. Some excellently shot arrow slow the two eyes down as they the party releases the Water Elemental to contain them. 8 teeth are hit, 4 were incisors, and Jin informs the group that the chords were "A, L, M, I, P, R, A" and one that she couldn't tell what it was (Music works differently in Tangelico). After the last key is struck a chitonous butterfly emerges from the entropotar and escapes out of the hole the elemental creates. The Elemental collects the eyes and the black feather, then shatters it's way out of the ceiling of stars dispelling the illusion of the endless expanse. Pushing it's way through the newly made fissure, a dragon head appears and the party realizes what the egg in the room held.

Session 16 - 8/16?

Baxter's Millions

The bronze dragon reveals his name to be Baxter. He lives on top of the tower. He is what Holmes saw so long ago. 60 years has passed. Holmes looks older (although not as old as he should). Baxter explains that he was brought here as an egg by Vorbane. After the family got trapped in the tower (a very long time ago), he made the roof his nest, but often visited the city of Callidac to the NorthWest. He tell the tale of a place on a mountain that he thinks can rehide the entropotar from all manner of baddies that can now detect it. Naki keeps it shielded daily from scrying. After a memorial to Glenn and Thalen, the group takes flight on the back of Baxter. Baxter explains that he can take them as far as the City of Callidac as he has to be there by the time the Mongrel Star catches the Rabbit star. The fly for days until they are attacked by a huge Cloud Elemental that was summoned by the book on inhabinting the ship Crimson Key, which is now an amalgam of a Kracken, Alandra, Miles, etc... and millions of other sea creatures -- it's grown in power and wants the Entropotar. The party dukes it out, using bees, ropes, acrobatics and luck. Baxter summons an invisible wall that catches most of the party as they plummmet to their certain death. Holmes rescues the rest, all end on the wall far above the ocean as Baxter as a last ditch effort does a nose dive directly into the Crimson Key.

Session 17 -20 - 9-2/16-17

To Callidac and back

After floating down from the illusionary wall, the party witnesses Baxter surfacing but very ill and tortured looking mentally. Bits of the boat also surface all around them. Holmes ministers to him best as he can but it is not enough. Baxter turns to stone to rest and gather his strength. Timao gets his companion Anders after many nights of praying. Party makes a raft from Baxter and create a boat, that is pulled by the Hippocampi, lead by Anders. Tricked by a manifestation from the book that looked like a woman asking for help. She turned to water and was trying to enter the entropotar. Frozen and broken. But meanwhile Gyn, Stryker, and Tamara are swallowed by the book during the distraction. There was a vision of an island that would keep the device safe if they would visit it, but the party avoids it. Naki feels that it did not represent her God.
The party hits the beach on the Coast of Reef and the great city of Callidac. Tam and Slaag kill two fisherman without telling the party. A third is saved by Naki from death and is tied up and told not to mention the group’s passing.
They drop the entropotar off at the beach and hide it, and also cover it with spells from Naki. will wear off at night. Looking for the mountain base that Baxter mentioned. Looking to decide on a regent before the next moon, when the Mongrel Star catches the Rabbit Star. Party sees the Balloons that land in the castle courtyard, but they are under guard and the group is trying to reach one. The group killed a guard and give the armor to Timao, as they portrayed a group of travelling minstrels that will perform at the feast of feastus after Kira manages a rousing performance. Hamlet also offer to be their tip gatherer. He’s joined the party but is a rat for Mama. and the party knows this.
Tam follows Mama into a dark alley behind an illusionary wall. She makes a deal that she won’t kill the group if he pours a vial into Pontif Felix’s food at the feast. She is also looking for exotic items.
Meanwhile Tamara, Stryker and Gyn are trapped in the book. Tamara and Stryker are free after an unnerving discussion with the book through the mouthpiece of Alandra and her insistence that they cannot stop “Meus”. They also notice that Baxter had tore the place up and the inner world was slowly repairing itself and absorbing everything it has captured. After a brutal sting in their necks, they are released to find the device in exchange for Jin who still remains captive. They sneak into the procession that leads them to the great dinner for the Feast of Feastus.
The feast happens. There is salutes and complex military orchestrations that Timao cannot replicate and is taken away before the great speach. Tam delivers his substance through the hand of Hamlet. Dandane is the clear favorite of the crowd from the council of Nine. Oleanna -- nanny (rumored to have killed the queen in childbirth), Lord Utz (who looks rather ill - a trader to represent foreign powers), Eslara (hippy dippy commune elf), Mot (Construct created to single mindedly protect the baby), Thane of Gormund (to cement an alliance with the dwarves), Not present are Gularuk the Shadow the or The Blighted knight.
Pontif Felix presents the baby prince Kaylan and after a rousing speech of hope “I present to you your edling lord, Kaylan. After the untimely death of the queen and the princess Cura (someone says, they say it was from the plague but I know that Matrimond was involved somehow), As a free and just society we must vote on who will raise and protect the edling.” in the great castle Whitespire is controlled by Mama and stabs Dandane in the throat killing him. Mot goes into overdrive and crushes Oleanna who had scooped up the baby to protect it. Lord Utz vomits and a tentacle bursts from him. He gathers himself and pulls Pontif Felix away to the balloons. Thane of Gormund declares war and his dwarves attack. Eslara, simply vanishes. Mot takes the baby while activating all the constructs in the great hall who kill guards, dwarves, nobles and the baseborn alike.
The group reunites, and Tam with the help of his companions takes out Mama who was trying to escape with the nobles. The group decides to follow the nobles out to the courtyard where the balloons are moored. Kira also befriends a guard that knows how to pilot the thing. Another guard follows them out as well. (Hubert)
The Party takes two hot air balloons along with two castle soldiers (Hubert and Rocky)but quickly calculate that they can get to the entropotar to hide it and get back, they do not have enough flasks to make the journey up the mountain. As they near the Entropotar they see their companion Gyn making her way to the device. Slaag is not the only member of the party ready to dispatch her on sight, but she recounts her tale of being in the Entropotar and speaking with Alandra.
Gyn recalls waking up from the wall with tendrils all about her. Alandra let her know that “Meus” could suddenly see the book (Knaki’s spell wore off) and because of Baxter’s destruction Meus had no others to send out all energy was being expended to rebuilding. Alandra’s face falls for a moment and blurts out “burn it out”. Gyn feels a piercing in her neck and is released to bring the Entropotar to the book at the shore.
While the party is discussing what to do with Gyn they see Timao gliding in from above in a hot air balloon with a cadre of soldiers. Timao lands and recounts his tale as well. After he was taken from the soldiers during the feast he was presented to Paulson a rather stern woman. Is interested that Timao is in the royal family of Canteel, and wants an alliance with Wilhelm IV from Timao’s sister Haley (which he didn’t even know that he had - father had a mistress after mother died -- related to Alandra).
There was going to be peace when Sianna was betrothed to Wilhelm IV but she died of the plague as did the queen. Her brother the blight knight also contracted it, but is kept alive somehow. The reason they wanted the alliance is because Vzion is preparing for war and they wanted to unite Canteel and Reef, they’ve historically had a rocky relationship. The Dwarves of Gormund are enemies with Canteel, but Reef decided to cast with the Dwarves after the princess's death by asking them to be the regent of the baby edling lord, Kaylan, but that is out now because of the events in the cathedral whitespire being called the Mongrel Star Massacre (as the people are starting to call it). Timao is tasked with bringing the baby Kaylan back and if so could restore relations between Canteel and Reef. Timao takes a contingent of soldiers Sol, Jammis, Byron, Kellar and Wyatt. Harris/Hamlet also joins him. But is told to be careful because that is the Dwarves of Gormund territory.
Timao arrives at the beach and detects evil in Gyn, Stryker, and Tamara. Gyn suddenly remember “burn it out” and they scorch out “Meus’s” branding. They feel better. Dividing into two groups the heroes decide to take two balloons with enough provisions to get them there. Secure the Entropotar they all come back in one balloon. Rising up the mountain they are attacked by a mated wyvern pair and three of the soldiers are killed. They kill the wyverns and land on an icy alcove outside the entrance to the lair. The Soldiers are left to guard it. Hamlet will tell Timao in private that Mama was killed but she is but one arm of the Hydra that is the Shelled Dendrites.

Session 21 - 4/8/17


The party enter the cave and immediately fight a group of 10 constructs. Battle with them to release their magic items imbuing them with life. After the battle they find a side corridor with magical blue weapons that are guarded by large tigers and a journal of Hamish Solorne. they find three corridors. Each with a baby’s cry’s echoing in the caverns. They fight ice toads but are followed by the visage of Thalen who had been speaking with Timao. Thalen attacks the party and reveals himself to be a ghost. The party beats him back after losing the last of the guards leaving only Hamlet/Harris and Byron in the group. Left with just the three corridors the party rests for the night. They read Hamish Solorne’s Journal and learn how to create things with the blue ice -- need to have raw ground sapphires and something magical to melt the blue ice. Will flow into any vessel.
Hamish’s journal contains this:
It is horrifically cold here and I grow old and weary, my hands shake continually, but that will soon not bother me. My legion of constructs, under the guise of tending to the plague-ridden city, grows though I suspect Felix and that loathsome Matrimond sense there is more to these auspicious automatons. No gifts are free. The council fears them, but they need my creations, Abralt forbid they ever save the health-forsaken poor themselves -- that would mean my family would yet live. If only Asha had lived the first blood-cough outbreak...
I have leveraged my way onto the council, though no one has ever seen me. I only visit them in their dreams...horrific, wheezing dreams of their loved ones drowning in bloody sputum -- my identity is safe for now -- they only Know me as the Gularag….the mean nasty demanding Gularag. The fools! Do they not know old hafling word for “Guilt”?
I am safe for now. The blue ice in the manufacturing chamber stops blocks all manner of scrying, yet the icy tendrils of time still reach me here. I nearly lost a batch generation this morning.
Utz seems different lately, my dream visits no longer scare him. Is he aware of my plan? As a matter of curiosity, I find his inner visions more terrifying than anything I could come up with. Is Soolt pre-emptively reaching for a kindred soul?
Mot is the greatest sleeper agent, for now he is commanded to protect the royal family and is my eyes and ears in all courtly intrigues. The princess is deathly ill, and the baby boy surely cannot survive without its mother to sup from. No manner of privilege can save you from Tak’s attacks, my insipid prince.
The time to act is now the princess has passed, and soon it will be me that Mot and his brethren will be protecting. Me and the poor souls that cann0o spells left, will the substitution work? Never matter, it must. Maybe then I…. Hamish Solorne, -- or as they think of me -- the Gularag -- will be a light for all.

Session 22 - 6/16/17

Maybe Baby?

Hamlet and Byron the only ones left -- fight sabretooth tigers at the front of the cave. Tamara does an epic swing, while Tam uses mamma’s potion to convince the second one to fall off the cliff. Meanwhile Timao skins a tiger, while Jin is possessed by the Gularag. The party manages to pull the balloon cloth into the cave. The remaining four tigers are leery of the blue ice and patrol the perimeter while a blizzard rages outside.. The Gularag -- talks to them, he reads their surface thoughts about the entropotar and after a brief discussion in which they discover that he truly doesn’t care about the baby, nor was that his goal, goes into the device promising to “fix things” taking Jin’s body with him.
The party goes on watch. Hamlet and Byron, both want to leave and decide to stay in the cave while the party will explore. Byron is swayed by Timao, and bought off by Tamsen. During the watches, Slaag transforms into Daphne in front of Kira with a new disposition. Tamara hears a baby cry and a clang during the night. There is debate in the morning about what to do, the options, are essentially, just leave, just freeze, orgy, drop the entropotar further down the cave, and/or go find the baby. With Tamsen and Tamara, ever the invisible to each other, disarming the multitude of traps set before them the party with the entropotar in tow, go down the blue ice stairs. They also buttress themselves against the cold through spells, cloaks and potions. They descend to a deep cavern full of constructs on the tables in the process of being built, and the Construct Mot placing the baby in an armored suit of ice saying “baby will always be safe.”
The party backtracks a moment to catch their collective breath.

Session 23 - 7/1/17

Opps, I Shift myself

The group waits at the top of stairs, but Hamlet rushes down to speak with Kira to let her know that Byron has been taken captive by a cloaked figure and Lord Utz. Lord Utz shouts down saying “Your friend is with us, and we can wait”. This alerts Mot to their presence and he activates the contraption on the wall which closes off the room and turns the stairs into a slide. Daphne, Hamlet, and Kira manage to hold on, but the others skid to the bottom with the entropotar. The baby smashes Timao against the wall reeling him unconscious, while Mot pounds on Stryker. Mot also activates the other constructs when he can. Daphne fires fire arrows. Naki is almost killed but makes a dark deal with her god. Timao brings her back. Hamlet is killed with his intestines pushed out but Daphne and Timao bring him back. Tamara and Tamsen work on the device on the wall. The baby attacks and is sometimes mollified by Timao, but is attacked by a centipede summoned by Naki. Kira launches fireballs at Mot and finally destroys him. Naki shatters him as well and Daphne uses fire arrows. Tam uses Grindylow ink to melt the ice around a construct to keep him in place. Fog cloud around the baby. Don’t know what to do, but get the side room open and see the frozen body of Hamish Solorne. At that moment it shifts to that for someone else. Tolomin rises up from the entropotar. He tell them of his folly with the Entropotar. Tolomin only asks that the party help him. Asha (Hamish’s daughter replaces Kylan as a 5 year old girl in the exosuit. Party realizes that the world has shifted. They are alerted that Jin is still in the Entropotar and that there is Lord Utz, Byron and a winged figure waiting up the stairs for them.
After fight either by word or by destruction-- everything shifts -- baby is now a little girl, but is still calm. Hamish’s body overlays with that of someone they haven’t ever seen. And the name on the journal changes to “Tolomin”
The Blight Knight Tolomin comes out of the entopotar.
“Well that was bracing. Please don’t attack me, I don’t want to fight.” My name is “Tolomin” I split from your friend Jin on the way in, we do not share a bloodline, the entropotar only lets you follow your bloodlines, back and forward. But it can get really confusing and I lost track of her..
I’ve been through this entropic nexus, I’ve tried to explore, but I can only go through my bloodline, which unfortunately now ends with me, so I can’t see the future. And travelling in there is very dangerous. Things tend to ripple and go down unexpected but preordained paths.
This is all fading from my memory, so I don’t know how long I can answer your questions. The Entropotar has a way of correcting things and shoring up loose ends and memories. You get vague sense of what could have been, what was, and what will be. But never what is!
Hamish or the Gularag, went too far back into his bloodline. If he had only saved his daughter Asha, and moved out of the city before the plague maybe things would have been different. Instead he went five generations back and managed to make his family royalty by marrying into mine -- he thought he could guide them to not crave power, egalitarian principles and all that. He had good notions. Well, the long and the short of it is that his family disposed my family in the climb for power. My bloodline plummeted to poverty.
The funny thing is that it seems that some roles are meant to be filled regardless of the actor. So my ancestors were deposed and forced to live in poverty. I had a chip on my shoulder, felt that King Hamish need to pay for what his family had done to mine, so I created constructs and used Mot to infiltrate the council. I used this mountain vault as my base and orchestrated my plans to live forever. After my sister and nephew baby Kaylan succumbed to the bloodcough I cast my spell, but failed. Sound familiar?
Now Hamish is dead from the plague. With Asha here as the Construct, There is no one left of that family. I can’t fix that, no one can -- that construct casing was meant for my clone but apparently Mot had other plans. I can help her deal with it though. Raise her and guard the Entropotar. Nothing should ever use it again, it is too destructive.

Session 24 - 9/9/17

Back to Callidac

The group continues their discussion with Tolomin the ghost, formerly known as the Blight Knight, who came out of the entropator instead of Hamish Solorne. He reveals that Hamish went back 5 generations and changed his family’s course to be that of royalty and supplanted Tolomin’s family, but everything the party remembers played out roughly the same: The plagues, the manufacturing of constructs, the plan to live forever, the failed spell, and the child filling the construct suit instead of Tolomin due to Mot’s missive to protect the child.
Tolomin cannot leave the ice caverns -- it is the cost of being a ghost, but he seems content to help the party. He has seen the folly of his ways and he can’t enter the entropotar any more because he has reached the end of his bloodline -- it ends in the cave. He can no longer control the constructs running rampant through the city, he was planning on directing them from the construct suit that Hamish’s daugher is now in. Seeing that Daphne has a rapport with the girl, he offers to possess Daphne/Slaag to have arms so that he can deactivate the marauding mechanical minions. Daphne agrees.
Slaphneish manages to calm the frustrated construct Ahsa with a lullaby. The child speaks in one word fragments. “Emancipation” “Consternation” “Frustration”. Hamish turn dials and enters commands into the suit. Asha utters the words “Proclamation: Cessation” then asks “Migration?” but the heroes tell her no, that she must stay in the blue ice cave for now.
Meanwhile the pounding at the closed door hasn’t let up and there is shouting of “Let me in, there isn’t much time”. The party opens the door to discover that Lord Utz is actually Baxter in the company of Holmes. Baxter is exceedingly unwell and vomits up a two tentacled masses exuding the countenances of lost comrades and vanquished foes. Cameos, such as Alandra, Miles, Kumi, Lago, remind the party of their tribulations up until this point. The heroes battle with the writhing wreath of heads and emerge victorious.
Naki intuits through her healing skills that Baxter may not be all that he thinks he is, but ideally the blue ice will shield the book sensing his and the Entropotar’s presence. Timao also confirms that the evil emanating from him is less, but still present. Baxter tells the party that Jacoby’s Hope, a very rare herb which can only be found growing on a wellspring on hallowed ground, might help him. He also mentions that he flew directly to the mountain with Pontiff Felix, who is still waiting upstairs with the last castle guard Byron. Byron has pledged his service to his lord Pontiff Felix and is now his staunch protector. The Pontiff desperately want to get back to Callidac once he has been informed that the constructs have been deactivated. After King Hamish passed, The grand plan was to install Lord Utz (Baxter) as the protector of the princess Asha because he had no political agenda and the Pontiff couldn’t trust anyone else, his group included. The Pontiff now has to say that the girl has died because she is effectively now one of the things that butchered the good people of Callidac -- they would never accept her as a ruler. Better to say that Mot murdered her. Which leaves a huge power vacuum and no one to fill it. Most of the nobility was slain -- there will be clamoring for the top. The party decides to take Felix back in the hopes of finding Jacoby’s Hope for Baxter and to resupply.
Leaving Daphne/Slaag/Tolomin, Gyn, Baxter, Holmes, and Asha behind, the party takes the remaining balloon back to Callidac. From their bird’s eye view, they see the destroyed buildings and crimson smears in the streets from the constructs’ onslaught -- this time around it seems like there were far more constructs throughout the city. Tolomin must have been more industrious in his creation and dispersion of them.
As the populace cautiously ventures from their safety spot to examine the now inert minions of Mot, they slowly drag them from the streets and begin the long task of cleaning up. Drifting closer to Castle Whitespire they encounter a new enormous statue of King Hamish standing in the courtyard brandishing missing hand, while behind him a collapsed alabaster wall with frozen automatons bearing sentry to the still pools of coagulating noble blood and flesh like chocolate chips atop pudding. Upon landing, Young Hamlet quickly takes leave of the party and vanishes into the city.
The party meets with Paulson after Pontiff Felix takes leave of them for the temple of Abralt. Paulson is very upset that the party seemingly failed in their mission to rescue the girl from Mot. It doesn’t seem mollify the imperious woman that princess Asha is still alive and wellish. When Naki pleads her case for requesting healing items, Paulson gets very irate and states that city needs those items to administer to the wounded, yet Timao presses the issue and Paulson decrees an ultimatum, find out who has been murdering the Tak Druids and the wardens of Eslara, or be blamed for the murders themselves. She will give them the requested supplies, but they only have 4 day, after which the whole party will be executed as murderers if they fail. An exasperated Paulson explains that she trying to avert war with the dwarves who have an encampment outside the city. The Callidacians believe it is the dwarves committing the murders and she needs someone to blame and fast.
The party requests to see the body of the victim, at which point the party disperses physically and by the ordinates of their morality. At the morgue Naki and Timao discover that the heart was ripped out of the body and that there were raking claw marks from the back. They ponder this as Tamsen and Tamara are accosted in the street by Hamlet who demands 15,000 gold within a week or he will tell Papa who killed Mama. Apparently the mysterious Papa, leader of the Shelled Dendrites has promised a huge sum for information about the murderer of Mama. Hamlet warns them that the information will automatically be reported to Papa if anything happens to him; he somehow ensures it daily. Hamlet vanishes into the crowd with the parting order meet him in a week at the Croocked Claw with the money or else.
With a new monetary goal the Tam’s split apart. Tamsen encounters the intriguing woman Mira Callidace, but the tight lipped rogue says nothing of what transpired after that, though he leaves the event with heavier pockets.
Tamara breaks into a wealthy home and steals an emerald necklace, which she subsequently brings to a local shop The New Noble, the shopkeeper, Terese, is initially disinterested until she finds out the necklace is from the rumored Lost Prince of Canteel. She pays for more information and will buy anything that Tamara can bring her. It had been thought that Timao’s sister Haley (born of Timao’s father Wilhelm III and Lady Alandra’s sister) and her son Wilhelm IV were the only ones left of that royal line. They agree to meet the next day at high noon.
Meanwhile Kira with Stryker in tow, trail a Disciple of Tak to engage in a discussion, because of his tattoo of what appears to be a swordfish. The acolyte Marlin, seems unconcerned about the death of his brethren, and seems exceptionally disinclined to speak to Stryker, but is finally swayed when both agree to go to his ceremony the next night in the sacred grove. Maybe then he would give them a hint to the location of a sprig of Jacoby’s Hope?
Kira leaves Stryker and further continues on to a apothecary shop, seeking help to identify the mass of items that the party has collected. Myron Brittleborn, of Brittleborn’s Baubles, is less than accommodating caustically stating that he will identify all the items for 2,000 gold. Kira declines.
Finally the night falls and the party regroups to the Fallow Feather Inn and goes to their respective rooms. Stryker and Timoa are awoken by a rapping at their door. Tamsen, awoken by the same sound, peers out of his room and recognizes Mira flanked by an entourage of bodyguards. He swiftly and silently pulls one bruiser into his room and ends him. Then, perhaps to silence her, shoots Mira’s lower jaw off, just as Stryker opens his door. Startled by the gargled screaming apparition before him, Stryker, living up to his name, slices her nearly in half. In the ensuing chaos Tamara pours oil on the stairs and one guard slips and falls down and is dealt with. The other two race off into the night.
Between Naki and Timao’s ministrations, they coax the traumatized woman back to life, but have a lot of explaining to do. She is terrified of them but thankfully doesn’t see Stryker who has slipped out of the room. The impromptu medics slowly talk her down while Tamsen and Tamara, each ever unaware of the other, hear stealthy footfalls on the stairs.

Session 25 - 7/1/17

Will you Mira Me?

Meanwhile, earlier in the afternoon, Daphne, left with the blue ice cohort, witnesses Baxter freeze himself into the blue ice wall bemoaning that he just doesn’t feel like himself. Holmes is beside himself with worry but is quickly pulled away as the ghost Tolomin suddenly realizes that, though he has stopped the constructs for the time being, he has forgotten that there is an emergency override device hidden in the plain site of the tablet bearing hand of the Callidacian statue of King Hamish. He needs Daphne to get down there to retrieve it. Daphne, passenger of the Holmes express, descends rapidly from the mountain in the thick cloud cover skirting above a Dwarven army on the march from the very same mountain. She hears them discussing “Tricked us into thinking there could be peace? Now blaming us for murder? Outrageous!”. She races ahead of them to the statue and discovers that the aforementioned hand has been shorn off. Asking Holmes to meet her the next afternoon, she quickly ferrets out her friends to alert them to the danger.
Tamsen and Tamara, discovering that the footfalls are their impetuous redheaded friend, let her pass. Mira is finally calmed down and in an act of blind faith the party lets her go after they agree to meet her the next day at noon in Hamish’s square.
Forgoing sleep for the rest of the night in an attempt to hide themselves, the party meets Mira the next day very weary. Her request is simple. She wants to wed Timao, much to Naki’s displeasure. Mira is of the royal family Callidace and only her and her grandfather Adleman remain. They both did not attend the butchery of the Mongrel Star Massacre because they had colds, and it a city wracked with the plague it made them the most unwelcome of guests. It was a stealth blessing, as most of the royal lineages were killed and she reasons that if Timao is who he says he is, she might have a good shot at being the queen, what with princess Asha now dead. Timao defers a decision for now, but the debutante will surely double down on her demands.
Exhausted, the group decides to bed down outside the city and wait for nightfall to meet their new found friend Marlin that evening.

Session 26 - 10/?/17 -- side adventure

Burning Questions

Everyone that is except Tamara, Stryker, and Timao, who while gathering supplies are accosted by the shopkeep, Terese, that Tamara failed to meet earlier in the day. Terese is intent on learning more about Timao, and asks odd questions of Stryker and his lineage as they walk back to the shop The New Noble, where upon reaching she immediately blows a whistle, that also manages to get lodged in her throat. The shop is quickly surrounded by Bruisers led by tall imposing man clad in black armor named Taltz. He asks one of the men, who the heroes recognize as one of Mira’s lackeys that escaped the night before, if Stryker is the one, and he nods in assessment. Timao tries to discuss the meaning of the intrusion, but Taltz tells him that he doesn’t believe that he is Canteelian royalty and that he will have no qualms killing him. Timao feigns to leave, but joins the fray. Tamara hides in the back room and makes an impromptu fire out of the storeroom while Stryker in a fit of strength bulldozes his way out of the back room. The fight is fierce and a well timed trip rope by Stryker and Timao saves the day as Tamara escapes into the amassing crowd. The clever thief fires a flaming arrow into the spectators and ignites an old man carrying hay. Taltz gives up the chase and storms away as The New Noble and it’s neighboring buildings burn to ash.